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Hand out loyalty points with SpotStamp

SpotStamp is an easy and quick solution to having your own customer loyalty scheme for you store.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

About SpotStamp

SpotStamp is a mobile loyalty app aimed to promote a card-less future. Set up a simple loyalty scheme for your customers, which is fully administered and maintained using our system.

Example: Give your customers free £5 credit in store after 10 transactions. This will help retain customers, also providing vital advertisement in the form of an online presence.


You are now ready to stand handing out loyalty points!

Have this page ready on the SPOT ME device to allow customers to collect points. Simply push the QR button at the bottom left of the screen to scan the customer’s QR code, or let them tap on the device. This will administer the customer with a point.

Accept or Decline?

Once the customer has been recognised, it will notify you of how many points they have, and what offer they are eligible for if any. Simply accept to reward them with a point, or decline to cancel the process.

All done!

If the point is accepted, it will provide you with a confirmation which will now show on your transaction history. You can also view what offer the customer is next eligible for, just to add to the conversation with the customer.


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A better way to present your app using fully featured spotstamp.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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